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Cash to Recycle Cell Phones in Canada

Cell phone recycling is truly a green act since the resources recovered carry significant value and reduces the need to mine resources from places that should remain untouched. A common question we get asked is “how can I make money through cell phone recycling?”

Our family business offers payment to non-profits, companies, and ordinary people like you and me who take up cell phone collections. We offer free shipping and payment for each cellphone collected ranging from $0.25 to over $100.   You can get started with just 1 cell phone.

By recycling cell phones for cash in Canada we can all do something positive for our environment, profitable for ourselves, and help support our communities.

Learn more here.

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We're Canada's family-owned Wireless Recycling Company and we're committed to helping people, non-profits and businesses divert unwanted wireless devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablet and netbook computers from landfills. We offer fair cash payments to people who recycle their old devices with us.